What’s different about this community is that it is shaped by women. It is a safe community of women supporting women to move through the steps to financial independence.
The 12 principles you will learn more about are the same principles Andrew used to guide his five nieces to start investing on their own at the age of 18. These are also the same principles that have allowed his 81-year-old mother (and his late father) to live financially independent in their retirement.
Join a community of like-minded women and start building your wealth today!
  • Weekly group calls answering questions, motivating you, and identifying your personalized goals and the steps to achieve them
  • An active community of women who share your goal of building long-term wealth together
In the program designed by Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA, former #1 stock market analyst in Thailand 2008-09, and former President of CFA Society Thailand, you will:
Among other things, Women Building Wealth also includes:
  • Create a safe, responsible, long-term plan to reach financial independence
  • Know the specific amount of wealth you need to secure your financial future
  • Learn how to open a brokerage account, how to choose stock and bond ETFs, and the decision-making process behind this
  • Take active steps to make your money work for you instead of the other way around
  • Make consistent monthly contributions to a portfolio of stocks and bonds to build wealth with minimal effort
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Don't just take our word for it!
"I’ve found the advice to be EXTRAORDINARY; in just 12 simple steps, Dr. Stotz woke me up to a different reality of what I thought being an investor was."
Former Student
"This course ruthlessly destroyed myths, such as getting rich fast and making easy money from the stock market."
Former Student
"I now feel confident to start investing, to build my happy future."
Former Student
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  • Women are on average widowed at the age of 56.
  • About 25% of widows are poverty-stricken two months after their husband’s death.
  • On average, 87% of American elderly people in poverty … are women.
It means they will avoid these scary futures: 
To me, it means to be able to live off the annual income earned from your wealth.

Did you know that less than 1% of people on the earth will achieve financial independence? And of those 1%, women such as yourself represent probably less than 0.3% of that figure.

Women face extra challenges when it comes to achieving financial independence because they have a higher chance of outliving their financial resources. 
  • Women generally have a longer life expectancy than men (five years longer on average).
  • Women need to save more for retirement and to gain full understanding of their finances so they can take support themselves when they’re alone.
  • Women spend fewer years in the workforce due to raising children or doing part-time work
  • Women have less time and money to contribute to retirement plans, savings, and investments. 
  • Women (still) generally receive less pay than men. This means women have less money to save for retirement, emergency funds, investments, and other financial vehicles to live comfortably and debt-free.
What does it mean for a woman to be financially independent
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Let me tell you a story; it starts with five important women in my life: my nieces Kristin, Audrey, Sophie, Elsie, and Hannah. I wanted to give them the best high school graduation gift that an uncle could. Since I’ve devoted my life to finance, I decided the best gift was financial independence. So I went on an exciting mission to teach them about investing in the stock market. Bad news, they weren’t nearly as excited as me! They didn’t study finance and, in some cases, had no interest at all. But I knew that even people not interested in finance still need to prepare for the future.

So I set out to write my book, How to Start Building Your Wealth Investing in the Stock Market, with the goal to make long-term investing advice as simple as possible. I even enlisted one of my nieces as an editor and let me tell you; she didn’t hold anything back, she told me, as a young person and a woman, exactly where the chapters were confusing. Thanks, Elsie!

This book reduces everything I’ve learned about investing over my three-decade career down to the most simple, step-by-step system. So when each of my nieces turned 18, I gave them three thousand US dollars and helped them set up an investment account. Then I helped them invest that money following the lessons in the book.

And now they are well along in their careers, but the bad news is, I failed.
Why? Because I was unable to consistently follow-up with them to help them contribute each month to truly build their wealth.

If they were actually following my system, they would be well on their way to financial independence.

So … to solve this problem, I created the Women Building Wealth for my nieces and for all women interested in financial independence to provide them with a system to help them stay on track to achieve that goal.

Why am I qualified to guide YOU?
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